Photo of a bathroom sink and mirror above. The mirror has bright recessed light that brightens up the room.
Photo of bright baby room with earthy tones.


You see, refurbishments projects are critical when it comes to the wellbeing of our property and ourselves. We release stress when we visit new places and we feel comfortable there. To add to that we all, also know that there is no place like home.

So combining the two will create a daily refreshing experience of what we call home. And that is not easy to get. That results if the combined effort of you (the home owner), the architect and lastly the builder.

Little lovin'.

Refurbishments can also be small updates such as:

  • changing the colour palette
  • new tiles
  • newer light switches
  • new door handles

And Voila! the feel and character has updated a little bit.

For huge lovin' check the remodelling section.

Freshly updated just feels better.

"You guys and the home look and feel much brighter."

Is the most common compliment that they received from their friends and families.

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