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Beautiful Apartment overseeing the popular Hyde Park

This is a completed project Apartment that is visa vi the popular Hyde Park. This apartment begins with a beautifully wrapped entry hall that extends throughout giving you access to 3 generous bedrooms and 4 bathrooms, spacious Livingroom with a dedicated dining area and lastly but not least a marble dress kitchen.

What sets this property and as a project apart from others?

This project was started before the beginning of the pandemic where all businesses and everyone faced limitations and restrictions so did we and our team members.

Luckily none of us and neither our families encountered or experienced the virus and for that we felt blessed and thankful that we kept healthy and working within the set limitations during the midst of the pandemic.

Now reading this you might believe that this seems like a challenge or difficulty but we look at differently, we look at the project. This project has gone through a difficult time where a lot of things were just not right due to all of the troubles this pandemic has caused and in spite of that the project turned successful.

Challenges with this development

This project included not just refurbishment but had some remodelling done too. This project was ambitious from the start and in order to accomplish those ambitions a few walls had to be taken down and lastly add one.

That did not challenge us, in actuality this is standard for our projects that is not to say that we did not experience something more out of the ordinary. Here it is, our decoration team had to deal with something very new on the UK market and those are 3m x 2m porcelain tiles that were used from the kitchen through the hallway and into the bathrooms.

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