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2 new modern design flats in the heart of Ashford, Surrey

Ashford is a low density low- to medium-rise  buildings placing those flat at a highpoint where it gets views of the surrounding upbeat town.

Home of a leading gymnasium club and one of the sites of Brooklands college.

What makes this property modern?

The design of the flats are the same 2 bedroom, 1 bath and an open-plan living area.

Here are some features that these flats will present themselves with on completion:

  • Neutral tone colours
  • subtle lines design
  • Glossy finishes
  • Clean simple high utility features.
  • Picture style windows for natural light

Challenges with this project!

The flats are built on top of a shop used by many locals and closing the business down does come at a great cost, not just for the owner but the community too. Here is what we have done to prevent that.

A stud wall was put in place to create a corridor to separate the shop area and give us access to the back and to roof. This way we could get to work and the shop could continue running its activities to serve the local community.

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